Adorable Artist Spotlight: Madéleine Flores

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Madéleine Flores

By: Meg Humphrey

I found out about Miss Madéleine Flores though another fantastic artist, Gingerhaze (an Adorable Artist Spotlight on her later). I especially enjoyed that she recently moved to the PNW so now I can say that not ALL of the awesome web comic artists I follow live in the Mid West or East Coast.

She is currently illustrating a super cute and funny webcomic, Help Us Great Warrior! Even though I’m not quite sure what the Great Warrior is, she is super cute and completely relatable).


She also makes these fantastic Post-It Note Comics about her and her boyfriend. Every single one of them makes me smile!


If warm and fuzzy feelings aren’t necessarily your thing, she also does some amazing more realistic art! Maybe you’ve seen some of her Sailor Moon character reworks?

Sailor Mars

Go check her out, give her compliments, and be supportive!

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