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April 23

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Renee Nault

By: Meg Humphrey At every convention I go to, I scour the exhibition halls for mermaids. It’s my thing. My bathroom is covered in prints of ….. Along the very back wall I stopped dead in my tracks as I walked by Renee Nault’s table. There wasn’t just one mermaid print – there was at […]

September 25

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Katrina Constantine

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Katrina Constantine By: Meg Humphrey Katrina Constantine runs Kicking Cones –  a collection of her illustrations, animations, and whatever else she feels like! She is another artist that I came across on Tumblr and what originally sparked my interested was her turtle mosh pit comic: I mean, how stinking cute is that?? […]

July 08

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Aminah Jones

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Aminah Jones By: Meg Humphrey Another gem that stumbled upon my Tumblr dash!! Aminah Jones has used her talents to create some stunning people-of-color versions of some of our favorite characters. From her Deviant Art page, it’s obvious that she is a upbeat, confident artist who is dedicated to showing off that […]

April 04

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Casey Robin

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Casey Robin By: Meg Humphrey I’m a big fan of art that uses traditional media. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with completely digital art, but there’s just something about paint and pencil that appeals to me so much more! When I saw Casey Robin’s “Mermaids for Every Season” reblogged on […]

March 13

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Brittney Lee

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Brittney Lee By: Meg Humphrey For the past 3 years at Emerald City Comic Con I have sought out Brittney Lee’s table. 2013 will be no exception! I hope she’ll be there! Even in the crowded and bustling expo hall, Brittney’s prints caught my eye and pulled me over to her table! […]

February 21

Adorable Artist Spotlight: A Guy, A Girl and Their Monster

Adorable Artist Spotlight: A Guy, A Girl and Their Monster By: Meg Humphrey It’s pretty obvious how much I enjoy Muppets and Muppet like things, so the YouTube web series “A Guy, a Girl and Their Monster” starring Jenn Daugherty was right up my alley! There are only two episodes so far, but they both […]

February 04

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Madéleine Flores

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Madéleine Flores By: Meg Humphrey I found out about Miss Madéleine Flores though another fantastic artist, Gingerhaze (an Adorable Artist Spotlight on her later). I especially enjoyed that she recently moved to the PNW so now I can say that not ALL of the awesome web comic artists I follow live in […]