Adorable Artist Spotlight: Renee Nault

By: Meg Humphrey


At every convention I go to, I scour the exhibition halls for mermaids. It’s my thing. My bathroom is covered in prints of ….. Along the very back wall I stopped dead in my tracks as I walked by Renee Nault’s table. There wasn’t just one mermaid print – there was at least a dozen! Lion fish mermaids, shark mermaids, skinny mermaids, chubby mermaids, mermaids with all types of hair and skin tone!


Not only is she an amazing talented artist, Renee is also a very kind person! She had no problem with me taking up a bunch of time at her booth trying to figure out which prints I wanted. If you follow her blog on Tumblr, you’ll see that she’s extremely polite and encouraging to her fans. When asked which one of her mermaids was her favorite she replied with:

“When I started painting more unconventional mermaids – different colors and sizes – I started getting a lot of wonderful thank you notes from girls who were happy to see a mermaid that looked more like them. I realized that probably every girl has daydreamed about being a mermaid at some point (everyone who tried to swim like a mermaid in the pool, raise your hands!), but not all of us get to see mermaids who look like us, and that kind of sucks. I was really touched that it made some people happy and they took the time to let me know, so I think those ones are my favorites!”



Her work is done in watercolors which adds delicacy and dreaminess. Even her webcomic series, Witchling, is done in that fashion! You can check out Renee’s website here, follow her on Tumblr here, read her comic Witchling here, and check out her Etsy  and Society 6 stores!