Adorable Artist Spotlight: A Guy, A Girl and Their Monster

Adorable Artist Spotlight:

A Guy, A Girl and Their Monster

By: Meg Humphrey

a guy a girl and their MONSTER

It’s pretty obvious how much I enjoy Muppets and Muppet like things, so the YouTube web series “A Guy, a Girl and Their Monster” starring Jenn Daugherty was right up my alley! There are only two episodes so far, but they both made me smile as I watched them.

They also have produced supplemental videos like “Jenn’s Monster Care Vlog and Henry’s Oscar Picks.”

Henry, the monster, is like that excited, irrational, uninhibited voice inside all of us. He gives in to his cravings, he doesn’t let go of grudges, and he doesn’t hold anything back. I’m really excited to see where they’ll take it!


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