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July 11

Job Hunters: A Kickstarter Success Ready for Your Viewing Pleasure

By: Terra Clarke Olsen As many of you know, I’m a big fan of Kickstarter. I love the crowdfunding process and the projects/products that come to fruition because of the generosity of like-minded people. So it’s always exciting to come across success stories, even if I wasn’t “in the know” early on. Job Hunters, a […]

February 21

Adorable Artist Spotlight: A Guy, A Girl and Their Monster

Adorable Artist Spotlight: A Guy, A Girl and Their Monster By: Meg Humphrey It’s pretty obvious how much I enjoy Muppets and Muppet like things, so the YouTube web series “A Guy, a Girl and Their Monster” starring Jenn Daugherty was right up my alley! There are only two episodes so far, but they both […]