Job Hunters: A Kickstarter Success Ready for Your Viewing Pleasure

By: Terra Clarke Olsen

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of Kickstarter. I love the crowdfunding process and the projects/products that come to fruition because of the generosity of like-minded people. So it’s always exciting to come across success stories, even if I wasn’t “in the know” early on. Job Hunters, a Seattle-based web series, is a perfect example of why I love Kickstarters and will continue to back people’s vision. splaaatter-012 The project was funded entirely by Kickstarter, raising $14,125 in their first season and $51,114 in their second season. And lucky for you, season two is up and running. Considering that the crew of Job Hunters were able to run a more than successful second Kickstarter, it’s pretty clear that they have created something that their viewers enjoy and value. And with good reason! Job Hunters is the perfect web series in today’s drama-filled economy.

You see, Job Hunters is a dystopian comedy, where recent college graduates have to fight for jobs. Sound familiar? Many of us have experienced this depressing and sad reality, but lucky for us, looking for a job doesn’t result in death. The same can’t be said for the poor hopefuls in Job Hunters, where people die…a lot. The MAEWIN corporation only wants the best and most capable, so they run potential employees through a grueling recruitment process, which happens to include a fighting arena. But Job Hunters goes beyond gore, finding humor in characters relationships and their impending feelings of doom (plus there are some great twists and turns for unexpected drama).

The series is humorous and artfully crafted. Which is extra impressive considering the cast and crew all have other jobs, creating Job Hunters out of the sheer enjoyment of their craft! I’m just thankful people saw the potential in the series and funded it, giving the rest of us pure comedy enjoyment – for free!

Check out Job Hunters on YouTube, and be sure to share it with others that need to find a bit of humor in today’s crazy job market (and hey, sending out 30+ resumes really isn’t that bad compared to knife fighting in a forest…).

For those familiar with the series, head straight to Season 2, Episode 1: