Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards

Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards

By: Andrea Cole

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we want you to prepared to woo your sweetie with the best nerdy lines captured on cute cards. So I’ve made a roundup of some of the best cards hand picked for the wide variety of nerds in your life. Be they Whovian, Towel Grabber, or philomath, you’re sure to find a card to help express your proclamations of nerdy love (or deep fondness, that’s cool too.)

For the (Mine)Crafter :

Got a loved one who digs Minecraft? Show them your love burns eternally with this Netherrack heart.

Minecraft valentine

“Netherrack” by WispyChipmunk, $5

For the Philomath:

Does the math lover in your life require proof of your love? Complete the equation with this show of constant affection.

Pie valentine

“You are my constant.” by Witsicle, $4

For the Builder:

Do you and the object of your affection really click? Will you continue to build and grow together? Then this Lego card may be the missing piece to your Valentine’s Day masterpiece.

lego valentine

“You Complete Me” by Sillyreggie, $3.50

For the Nerfherder:

This time, Cupid shot first.

nerfherder solo valentine

“I Know” is Star Wars for “I Love You” by SARNSTIE, $3.50

For the Towel Grabber:

Don’t Panic! You’ve got Valentine’s Day covered with this answer to the Universe’s toughest question.

towel grabber valentine

“You Are My 42” by Panicattackshop, $4

For the Bibliophile:

Overcome your pride and banish your prejudice with this simple declaration of love. Two hundred years swooning and sighing can’t be wrong.

bibliphile valentine

“Pride and Prejudice Valentine” by Literaryluxe, $4

For the Walking Dead:

Moan… shuffle shuffle… “BRAINS!”

zombie walking dead valentine

“I Love Your Guts” by Witandwhistle, $4

For the RPGer:

It’s a classic story. Ranger meets Cleric. Ranger decides to woo Cleric. Ranger roles for Initiative. If this feels familiar, you may want this card.

natural 20 valentine

“Forget Perfect 10, You’re a Natural 20” by NerdCred, $2.25

For the Chemist:

How strong is the bond between you? Show your lab partner in life that they create the best reaction in you.

chemist valentine

“Oxytocin I Love You” by 2CrowPress, $4

For the Whovian:

Do you ❤ ❤ your Companion? Make sure your love isn’t bigger on the inside and use one of these to make your declaration. It’ll work better than a sonic screwdriver.

whovian valentine

Printable Doctor Who Valentines by Rachelle Abellar, Free

*Featured Image: Nerds in Love by Nicole Martinez

About the Author: Andrea or “Bunny” is a Community Manager with Wizards of the Coast for the Kaijudo TCG and TV show. She grew up in Cleveland watching Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and Disney movies. Nowadays, she lives in Seattle with her boyfriend and kitty, Nyota. She loves cooking, sewing, and finding the next cool thing to nerd out on. Follow her on Twitter!