Ready, Set, Decorate! Episode 1: The Inspiration

Ready, Set, Decorate!

Episode 1: The Inspiration

By: Andrea Cole

Greetings! I’ve got a new series for Have You Nerd that will explore the many different facets of interior decorating, nerd style. Here we’ll cover everything from tea cozies to vases to posters of every shape and style. The fun thing about interior decorating is that it is one of the most intensely personal things you can do to your home and there are no wrong answers. If something speaks to you, then that’s what works for you. Each of us has a personal style and our homes should reflect the things and people we love.

For this initial installment I want to start off with a little inspiration, so I scoured the Internet for some of my favorite examples of nerdy decor and home design.

Nerd. Say it loud and say it proud. The image here is from Etsy seller OhDierLiving and although it’s meant to sell the lovely word art you see here, I actually love the way the shelves are displayed as well. It shows a certain amount of whimsy without going over the top. Plus, tiny robots! Squee!

via OhDierLiving, Etsy

And on the other end of understated scale we have a stairwell lit with lightsabers. Each lightsaber is different and some are different colors too. Not a bad way to light a gloomy passage way, is it?

via imgfave

Got a collection? Display it! What good is a collection if no one sees it? Here we see three collections displayed in three very different ways. Use shelves, velcro, stairs, or whatever else you have to display what you love in a fresh and fun way. Just make sure it’s structurally sound. No crushing guests under a pile of bundt pans previously suspended from the chandelier, please.

via Apartment Therapy

I’ve heard people say that Steampunk can be a way of life and living here in Seattle, I’ve certainly seen those who appear to be taking that to heart. I’m sure those fans of steam power would love to find themselves in a place such as this office at Three Ring Designs, Inc. With its submarine Victorian vibe, the place just exudes fun. Plus, there’s a giant squid couch, who wouldn’t want to cuddle up to a giant squid? (Click through to see.’)

via Apartment Therapy

For the minimalist we have this wall display of taupe and black superheroes. Minimalist posters cry out for other minimalist or modern designs, which is why this set works so well with the mid-century modern style couch. These posters are also a great way to display your love of so-called “kid stuff” without losing the grown up vibe of the rest of your room.

via Posertinspired, Etsy

Oh my. If I had a library like this, I’d never leave home. Here we see that bookcases can be art and used to show off a bibliophile’s collection in a more upfront manner than a lonely bookcase in the back corner. It also proves that a library need not be all dark wood, green leather, and dark corners. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but variety is the spice of life!

via bookshelfporn

And finally, we have the grandest nerd home ever, a Hobbit Hole! This model is in Wales and was built by Simon Dale for his small family. The project cost him £3,000 and took 4 months to make by hand. The inside is perfectly cozy and carbon footprint is as kind to the Earth as Samwise would have liked.

So these are some of my favorite nerdy homes. Have you seen any others that struck your fancy? Link to them in the comments below!

About the Author: Andrea or “Bunny” is a Community Manager with Wizards of the Coast for the Kaijudo TCG and TV show. She grew up in Cleveland watching Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and Disney movies. Nowadays, she lives in Seattle with her boyfriend and kitty, Nyota. She loves cooking, sewing, and finding the next cool thing to nerd out on. Follow her on Twitter!