Tasty Food Blogs

Tasty Food Blogs

 By: Meg Humphrey

I love food and cooking, but with a fairly limited nutritionist provided eating plan, I can get bored really easily. Boredom leads me to deviation from my usual eating habits which means I end up in regrets and carb hangovers (I don’t get hangovers from alcohol, but I do from eating grains and sugar). In order to combat this, or at the very least make my treat meals absolutely glorious, I spend a decent amount of time looking through food blogs.  Finding new and amazing looking recipes that conform to my diet or can be modified always makes my day and re-energizes me to continue eating right. Here are some of my most visited food blogs and I hope they inspire you to try some tasty meals too!


Closet Cooking

Kevin Lynch of Closet Cooking is amazing. There’s no cuisine, no ingredient, no dietary restriction he doesn’t cover. He makes all of his sauces and dressings from scratch, which can be tedious or require a lot of specialty items, but he just has SO MANY ideas and ways to make food. His hundreds of grilled cheese sandwiches attest to that! I also appreciate that he’s willing to try new and different flavor combinations. It’s really clear that he loves all kinds of food and is committed to eating local and seasonal. I recently made a super easy and quick recipe of his for zucchini soup and it was DELICIOUS! I had to stop myself from eating it so I could save it for work like I intended.


Nom Nom Paleo

Michelle Tan of Nom Nom Paleo is an inspiration! She works full time (often graveyard shifts), has two little ones, AND is a super successful and healthy food blogger that just released her first book, Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans. Because I’m grain free (85% of the time), Paleo blogs like this are usually my go-to. She does a lot of Asian cooking (my favorite) and also understands the importance of quick meals and making enough food to last for a few days when you know you’ll be busy (but making little twists here and there so you’re not just eating the same thing over and over).  She also shows, what I think a lot of people miss, that paleo doesn’t just mean “eat a bunch of meat whenever you want.” She still incorporates a ton of veggies and even safe starches (potatoes and rice) and uses meat in proper portions. Another great thing is that she’ll post her paleo meals when she’s out traveling so you can see that it IS possible to stick to your meal plans even when on vacation (at least part of the time).


Willow Bird Baking

I discovered Julie and Willow Bird Baking when I joined the livejournal community (oops, did I just date myself?) BakeBakeBake. I have a huge sweet tooth and although baking is no longer something I do as often as I used to, I still look to this blog for inspirations – especially if I’m looking to impress! All of her creations are always lovely and she showcases them with excellent photography. I also enjoy how she incorporates stories about her life in her blog posts so you get to know her as you read her recipes and drool all over your keyboard. She does have some non-sweet food, but her desserts are the shining centerpiece. My personal favorite (of what I’ve made from her) was her Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Bars (so many of my favorite flavors), but if that’s not your thing, you’ll surely find something to fit your fancy.

If you have any recommendations for foodie blogs, please let me know! Bon Appetite!