Featured Kickstarter: Amy’s Mochi

Featured Kickstarter: Amy’s Mochi

 By: Meg Humphrey


Amy Eam is a Seattleite with a passion for mochi. “What’s mochi?” you might ask! Mochi is a Japanese treat made of glutinous rice that is pounded into a paste and then shaped (usually into balls). Although mochi by itself is more on the savory side (since it is just rice) it is often flavored, filled, or paired with various sweets like strawberry, anko (sweet red bean paste), green tea, ice cream, and more!  The texture is one of my favorite aspects of it – it’s dense and solid, but still squishy and chewy. When I was in Japan last November, I tried every mochi variation I found – grilled mochi, cream filled mochi rings, freshly pounded mochi, mochi brownies, I could go on!


Obviously, with my craze about mochi, I was super excited to see Amy Eam’s mochi making project, Amy’s Mochi, pop up on Kickstarter. She has a long family tradition of mochi making and she is dedicated to opening up her own commercial kitchen for catering as well as being a presence at events throughout Seattle. How awesome would it be to see a mochi booth pop up at a farmer’s market?


The starting flavors look amazing – I’m especially jazzed about the black sesame (if you haven’t had black sesame in a sweet you are missing out) and mango with green bean flavors. I know quite a few people who would immediately grab a nutella and crushed hazelnut mochi. If you are interested in supporting Amy’s Mochi, check out the links below!

Amy’s Mochi Kickstarter campaign. Amy’s Mochi Website.