Adorable Artist Spotlight: Ann Marcellino

 By: Meg Humphrey

Ann Marcellino is visual development artist and illustrator. I had seen individual pieces of hers reblogged on tumblr and after seeing her Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion piece, I knew I had to track down her sites for a spotlight!


I love her use of smooth lines, curves, and bold colors on a more muted background. As if I wasn’t impressed enough, she also has a series of exotic non-ocean mermaids including a lava one that I need to hang up in my mermaid lagoon bathroom.

AAS MARCELLINO 2She has plenty of fandom pieces – Disney, 90s cartoons, Zelda, Dr. Who, and more (plus plenty of crossovers between fandoms). Even if you don’t recognize her name you might have seen some of her pieces floating around like the Avengers themed Sailor Senshi.


To see more of her art, please check out her sites: DeviantArtSociety 6BlogTumblr.