Featured Kickstarter: Together

By: Terra Clarke Olsen

A few days ago, I stumbled on the Kickstarter Together: Amna and Saif, and immediately decided to back this game. It was too beautiful not to back. Plus, the protagonists are people of color (and one is a female!), something most current games extremely lack. But once I started to read about the game design, I became even more excited about the possibility of Together becoming a reality. together Amna and Saif game Together features the adventure of Amna and Saif, a mother and son duo on a journey to save their loved one (sister/daughter) who has fallen ill. Together, they have to find a cure that exists deep in a forest, full of peril. Interestingly, it is a true co-op game, meaning everything requires two players, and you need each other to succeed. Throughout the game, you’re faced with challenges where you have to access what is best for both of you, not just yourself. I love this, because as the designer note on their Kickstarter, “Together highlights the benefits that gaming can have on a relationship.” Together: Anna & Saif screen The designers were very thoughtful when creating Together. The controls are simple, so anyone can feel comfortable playing (they note you can play with one hand, plus having an easily accessible platform is a great way to introduce newbies to gaming). In addition, they selected colors with the color blind in mind. Other game designers might think these factors would compromise the game, but Together proves that assertion is wrong. The game looks beautiful, and although it might be easy to navigate the characters, no game depth is lost. Together: Anna & Saif gif I hope you’ll consider helping make Together a reality by backing their Kickstarter and spreading the word. It’s a beautiful game, and a step in the right direction for game design in so many ways.