Nintendo Wii U Rocking E3

By: Terra Clarke Olsen

Okay, I’ll admit it-I’m a complete Nintendo fangirl. But even my blinding love for the greatest video game company of all time hasn’t persuaded me to buy a Wii U. The system seemed cool enough, but I just didn’t see the point in adding the device to my collection. Wii U didn’t have enough titles or special features to make it really stand out as a must buy, and honestly seemed a bit dated for a company like Nintendo. So I was among those that advised people not to get a Wii U (especially when you could purchase the 3DS for a lot less and with way more games!). Yup, I was sure the Wii U was doomed. That is, until yesterday when Nintendo rolled out their neverending list of Wii U (and 3DS) games.

What really started my conversion was Mario Maker. It was the first announcement I saw, and it instantly melted my anti-Wii U heart, bringing instant joy and happiness.

Like myself, a lot of gamers are nostalgic when it comes to gaming, so almost anything Mario is a win. But with Mario Maker, you can actually create your own Mario worlds! You even have the choice of creating a modern world, or a classic 8-bit one. And although it hasn’t been announced, I’m sure that Nintendo will eventually open up the world so you can share your creations with other players. This of course excites me since I’m a cheerleader for more interactive, collaborative, and creative experiences in gaming.


8 bit mario maker


After Mario Maker, I was pretty much sold…but then the news just kept coming! They showed the first open-world Zelda game, and it’s beautiful. Seriously, look at this game!


And let’s not forget to mention the appearance of Pac-Man in the Super Smash Bros..

pac man super smash bros


Oh, or the fact that they created the most ADORABLE YOSHI GAME EVER! Eeee!

The list goes on, but it just makes me happy to see that Nintendo is doing what Nintendo does best- making fun games, full of life and vibrancy. And they have finally made the Wii U something to be desired, meaning I’ll be saving my cash to buy one in the future.

(Kotaku has a handy list of all the big Nintendo announcements here.)