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June 11

Nintendo Wii U Rocking E3

By: Terra Clarke Olsen Okay, I’ll admit it-I’m a complete Nintendo fangirl. But even my blinding love for the greatest video game company of all time hasn’t persuaded me to buy a Wii U. The system seemed cool enough, but I just didn’t see the point in adding the device to my collection. Wii U […]

April 21

My Latest Addiction: New Leaf

By: Terra Clarke Olsen Animal Crossing: New Leaf hit the States in June, 2013 (it was released earlier in Japan). That’s almost a year ago…and I managed to stay away all this time. Well, that is until about a month ago. While visiting friends in PDX, I learned that my friend, Mikey, was playing New […]

December 06

Gift Guide: Gamer Geek

Gift Guide: Gamer Geek By: Terra Clarke Olsen Gifts for gamer geeks can be tricky since they are usually on top of buying all the latest and greatest games. Here are a few suggestions to help you find that perfect gift they didn’t know they needed! 1.) The Bigger Blacker Box $15; Cards Against Humanity Online […]

October 28

LB’s Top Games for Halloween

LB’s Top Games for Halloween By: LB Chambers Halloween is without a doubt one of the best times of the year for gaming. October’s dark and spooky nights, especially with Seattle’s foggy background, are just begging for a little game time. With some hot cider (or caramel apple cider, or irish coffee, or hot punsch!), caramel […]

October 04

Plants vs Zombies 2 Review

Plants vs Zombies 2 Review By: Ryokazendriel I saw a host of games at PAX that were freemium / moba, and even the show floor presenters looked as if they were salivating to get in on the mythical cash cow that is LoL, or Candy Crush, or what have you.  I almost felt bad for […]

October 02

Parenting in Video Games: Where are the Mother Figures?

Parenting in Video Games: Where are the Mother Figures? By: LB Chambers I would like to preface this article with a quick disclaimer. I am all about single dads; helping them get recognition for their hard work, their dedication to their kids, and the amazingly positive influence a great dad has on a child. I […]

September 20

Game with your Kids

Game with your Kids By: LB Chambers With the release of Grand Theft Auto V  the old tried and true concern about children and teens playing video games has risen to the surface again. Between Elizabeth Hassleback questioning video game safety on Fox and Friends (instead of questioning a shooter on a naval base was […]

September 04

PAX Round Up

PAX Round Up By: Terra Clarke Olsen PAX took over Seattle this past weekend for four full days of video game fandom. There were more games than my brain can compute, so sadly I’m sure I missed many things, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite things I saw. Neverending Nightmares This […]

June 21

Can DRM changes Save the Xbox One?

Can DRM changes Save the Xbox One?  By: Brit McGinnis Recently, Microsoft announced that they were recanting all of their former DRM (data rights management) policies, reversing their position on important issues like sharing games and video game consoles always being online. Here’s Giant Bomb’s very-well-summarized list of the true current state of the XBOX […]

June 17

BANG! An Amazing Card Game

BANG! An Amazing Card Game By: Virginia Eader I recently visited some old friends in Berkley, California. Not just any old friends but two of my most beloved nerdy guy friends (one of whom I’ve known since the age of 4 and the other since middle school. The 3 of us made up a large […]

June 14

Why Game?

Why Game? By: LB Chambers For those of you who haven’t ever read anything of mine (which is probably all of you, other than my brother and mom) I usually write about games, and gaming, and why it’s an often-overlooked area of interest. In fact, gaming is so stigmatized it’s generally considered a waste of […]

March 04

The Allure of the Apocalypse

The Allure of the Apocalypse  By: LB Chambers Halfway across a field of tall grass, my character crawling as slowly as possible between a hopper and a walker, at 2:30 am (real world time) I asked myself a question-Why is this what I enjoy? A zombie apocalypse where one hit equals death, my comrades will […]