Geeky Office Supplies

By: Terra Clarke Olsen

This weekend, I noticed that “Back to School” aisles have already started to appear. Being the dork that I am, I loved back-to-school shopping as a kid—the colorful binders, the fancy pens, the pointless stickers, I wanted it all! So, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I love buying office supplies. It’s one of my guilty pleasure (I just really love a good pen). So partly out of nostalgia and partly out of wanting to spruce up my own work environment, I went on a search for amazing geeky office supplies. Here are some of my favorites:

Game of Thrones Letter Opener


Opening letters can be a dangerous task (paper cuts are essentially the worse thing ever), so it’s best to proceed with caution invest in some heavy weaponry from your favorite fantasy novel/show. $24.99 via ThinkGeek .


Repurposed Succulent Planter

Repurposed Succulent Planter

Being a grownup means having plants on your desk…or something. Most plant vases are boring as heck, but lucky for us, HardResols creates awesome plant holders (and other things) from up-cycled computer circuit boards, electronic parts and other hardware. I love this one, but the store has others at a lower cost too. $130 via Etsy.


Monty Python Sticky Notes

monty python sticky notes


No longer does your desk have to be cluttered with boring post-it notes—now you can clutter it with these amazingly silly Monty Python sticky notes! $6.50 via Philosophersguild.


DIY Robot Tissue Holder

Robot Tissue Holder

Build your own robot tissue holder with this awesome kit. Never before has a tissue box been so darn cute and geeky. $10 via GeekCook.

Star War Light-Up Lightsaber Pen

17b6_star_wars_light-up_lightsaber_pens_in_use-1 17b6_star_wars_light-up_lightsaber_pens_grid

Feel the power of the Force as you write down all your brilliant ideas. $24.99 via ThinkGeek.


Circuit Board Card Holder

circuit board business card holder

Display your business cards in style with this circuit board and stained-glass card holder. $29.99 via Etsy.


DIY AT-AT Cable Organizer

DIYATATcaseG AT AT cable organizer

This might be my new favorite office organizer. Who wouldn’t want this AT-AT cable organizer?! Only a fool, that’s who. $11 via GeekCook

Now I just need a bigger desk so I can fit these items in-between all of my Funko figurines….