Featured Kickstarter: Jess Archer Versus Web Series

By: Terra Clarke Olsen

Amy Taylor is a geek (self-proclaimed Whovian, Browncoat, Tolkien fanatic) on a mission. Although Amy works as a director on the weekly PBS movie review show called Just Seen It, she dreams of bringing her own original content to the masses. Enter the Jess Archer Versus Kickstarter.

Jess Archer Versus is a would-be web series based on characters from a short film that Amy wrote and directed years ago, titled Jess Archer vs. The Exthe short film played at the Dragon*Con International Short Film Festival several years ago and was well-received. Although the new web series has the same characters, the web series itself would follow Jess Archer as she solves various mysteries with her best friend. Amy hopes to create a fun and geeky comedy/mystery with an interesting female protagonist. In addition, she notes that the web series would be filmed in an Edgar Wright inspired style.

Overall, Amy hopes to create a series by geeks for geeks. Head over to their Kickstarter and pitch in what you can to make this series a reality!

jess archer vs the ex

Watch Jess Archer vs. The Ex here.