Dungeons & Dragons Live from PAX

Every year at PAX West, RPG fans crowd into a room to watch people play Dungeons & Dragons – as per tradition. Dungeon Master Chris Perkins is known for taking his victims, errr…I mean adventurers, on crazy journeys, keeping the players and viewers entertained and enthralled. But, this year is special! Because now, even if you can’t make it to Seattle, you can enjoy the zany adventure – live.

For the first time ever, movie theaters across the country are broadcasting the RPG LIVE! Tickets can be purchased on Fathom Events (for the full list of locations visit the Fathom Events website).

As an RPGer and DnD geek myself, I love that RPGs are becoming more and more popular to watch live. Even if you are not into playing RPGs, they are wildly entertaining to watch. And for the newbies out there, this would be a great entry into the RPG world. Who knows, maybe after all the twists, turns, and hilarious moments, you’ll be inspired to buy your own set of dice, ready to create havoc across the land…


D&D Live from PAX West - promo image 1

When: On September 4 at 6 p.m. PT

Where: PAX West (Music Hall); Seattle, WA