Geeky Nursery Inspiration


As I previously mentioned, my husband and I are expecting a youngster in December. We’re currently working on the baby room, and, perhaps not surprisingly, the toughest part has been picking out the proper decor (perhaps second in toughness only to picking a name).

Shopping online and in baby stores, everything is very…”baby.” By that I mean, the decor items are everything you would expect when you picture a nursery. Pastels. Animals. The alphabet. Maybe some happy inanimate objects (everything has a smile). That’s fine and dandy for some people, but I don’t get this. I personally am not a fan of pastels. And the animated critters with huge smiles kinda creep me out. And when you think about it, the baby has no idea what’s around the room, so really, you should be creating a baby-friendly space that you enjoy. So that’s what I’ve set out to do. Personally, I’ve decided to go for a vintage sci-fi look, but along the way, I’ve found some other fabulous ideas that would make for excellent nursery alternatives to the happy-giraffe and jungle friends room.


Dinosaur Nursery 

dinosaur baby quilt

Dinosaur Baby Quilt; Etsy, $130

dinosaur pillows

Dinosaur Pillow Set; Etsy, $100

Dinosaur mobile crib

Dinosaur Musical Mobile; BabiesRUs, $55

dinosaur ceiling light

Dinosaur Ceiling Lamp; Hooks and Lattice, $180

dinosaur bone art prints

Set of 3 Dinosaur Prints (8×10); Etsy, $54

dinosaur stuffed animal

Plush-a-Saur Dinosaur Stuffed Animal; Land of Nod, $25

Star Wars Nursery


Star Wars Crib Set, handmade

Star Wars Crib Set; Etsy, $400


star wars pillows nursery

Star Wars Pillow Sham; Pottery Barn, $30


Star Wars Mobile

Star Wars Mobile; Etsy, $55


Death Star Planetarium light
Death Star Planetarium; Amazon, $30


Wookie the Chew Art Prints

 Wookiee the Chew art prints; James Hance, $30 


Chewbacca plush stuffed animal

Chewbacca Plush; Etsy, $50 


Comic Book Nursery (DC & Marvel) 


Marvel Comic Book Crib bedding

Marvel Crib Set; Etsy, $275


boom pow plush pillows

Boom/Pow Cushions; Etsy, $20


Marvel Comic Book Baby Mobile

Superhero Mobile (You can pick your heroes!); Etsy, $89

pow night light

Pow! Night Light; Amazon, $30


justice league prints

Justice League Prints; Etsy, $20+


superman african american doll batgirl plush custom

Custom made Superhero Dolls; Etsy, $89-100  (Superman) (Batgirl)


Space Nursery


Space Baby Quilt

Space Baby Quilt; Etsy, $93

rocket space pillow

Custom Rocket Pillow; Etsy, $25

space planets mobile

Planet Mobile; Pottery Barn, $44

star globe nightlight

Star-Globe Nightlight ; Land of Nod, $30

vintage solar system print

Solar System Print; Etsy, $15

Nasa Teddy Bear

Nasa Teddy Bear; Kennedy Space Center; $18

Harry Potter Nursery

Harry Potter Crib Set

Harry Potter Crib Set; Etsy, $250

Harry Potter Pillow

Harry Potter Pillow; Etsy, $17

Owl Harry Potter Mobile

Harry Potter Mobile; Etsy, $95

Owl Light

Owl Light; Restoration Hardware, $32

Harry Potter Prints books

Harry Potter Book Prints; Etsy, $5+

Dobby the House Elf  doll

Dobby Crochet Doll; Etsy, $58

Super Mario Nursery

Lil Geek Twins Mario & Princess Peach Crib Quilts

Nintendo Quilts for Twins; Etsy, $170

Super Mario Ice Blue Flower Power Up

Super Mario Pillow; Etsy, $75

super mario mobile

Super Mario Mobile; Etsy, $90

Mario Question Mark Block - Hanging lamp

Question Block Lamp; Etsy, $59

1 Shell 2 Shell art print mario brothers

One Shell Art Print; Redbubble, $20-55

yoshi plush knitted

Yoshi Plush; Etsy, $50

Want to see a different nursery theme? Put your suggestions below!