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May 22

Nerdy Tees

Nerdy Tees: A Short Guide by a Geek-Shirt Aficionado By: Patrick Aghajanian In the pantheon of geek apparel, screened tees would definitely have to be right there on top next to patches, hats and cosplay. In the past few years, tees have become kind of an obsession of mine, as have jackets and prints….but those are for […]

April 08

The Six Most Useful Star Wars Products

The Six Most Useful Star Wars Products By: Meg Humphrey It’s no secret that I’m a collector. I come from a family of collectors. Pa has airplane models and music from the 1920s-1950s. My sister has shelves of artbooks and stuffed manatees. Even my mom has a display case of those silly little crystals in […]

February 07

Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards

Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards By: Andrea Cole Valentine’s Day is coming up and we want you to prepared to woo your sweetie with the best nerdy lines captured on cute cards. So I’ve made a roundup of some of the best cards hand picked for the wide variety of nerds in your life. Be they […]

December 12

Gift Guide, Take Three

Gift Guide, Take Three By: Terra Olsen For this installment of our Gift Guide, we decided to feature gifts that can appeal to all the different nerds in your life. From gamers to history nerds, hopefully there is something here that suits them! For the Gamer: What: Video Game Controller Ornaments How Much: $30 Where: […]

December 05

Gift Guide, Take Two

Gift Guide, Take Two   By: Terra Olsen   For our second installment of our Gift Guide, I decided to feature gifts for the people of fandom in your life. We focused on four groups: Star Wars, Tolkien, Star Trek, and Harry Potter.   Gifts for Star Wars Fans:   What: Operation Star Wars Edition […]

November 29

Gift Guide, Part One

Gift Guide, Part One By: Terra Olsen It is gift giving season, and we want to help you find that perfect gift for your loved ones. This first installment of our Gift Guide features items from HYN staff  (we’re a crafty bunch) and HYN friends (past and feature interviewees).   What: Red Velvet Cupcake Hat […]