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March 17

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Ann Marcellino

 By: Meg Humphrey Ann Marcellino is visual development artist and illustrator. I had seen individual pieces of hers reblogged on tumblr and after seeing her Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion piece, I knew I had to track down her sites for a spotlight! I love her use of smooth lines, curves, and bold colors on […]

March 12

Interview with Artist Siolo Thompson featured in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ Show

Interview with Artist Siolo Thompson, featured in A Song of Ice and Fire Show By: Terra Clarke Olsen Ltd. Art Gallery is currently exhibiting an art show inspired by George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, and I had the pleasure of interviewing Seattle artist Siolo Thompson for a Seattle Weekly article: T: How long […]

February 07

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Risa Rodil

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Risa Rodil By: Meg Humphrey I stumbled upon Risa Rodil’s art when she released her newest Frozen inspired posters. The colors, shapes, and composition of them inspired me to go seek out more of her work. It made me even happier to see how much of a nerd she is! Along with […]

February 05

The Unicorn Files: Debunking the Myth of Lady Geeks

By: Terra Clarke Olsen Hello lovely Have You Nerd readers! This post is a bit different. I am in search of volunteers for a new project I’m undertaking with a friend, and I need your help! One of my dearest friends, Nate Watters, and I just launched a new project titled “The Unicorn Files: Debunking […]

September 25

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Katrina Constantine

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Katrina Constantine By: Meg Humphrey Katrina Constantine runs Kicking Cones –  a collection of her illustrations, animations, and whatever else she feels like! She is another artist that I came across on Tumblr and what originally sparked my interested was her turtle mosh pit comic: I mean, how stinking cute is that?? […]

July 08

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Aminah Jones

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Aminah Jones By: Meg Humphrey Another gem that stumbled upon my Tumblr dash!! Aminah Jones has used her talents to create some stunning people-of-color versions of some of our favorite characters. From her Deviant Art page, it’s obvious that she is a upbeat, confident artist who is dedicated to showing off that […]

April 12

Interview with Jenny, Founder of “Not in the Kitchen Anymore”

Interview with Jenny, Founder of “Not in the Kitchen Anymore” Interview by Terra Olsen Today’s interview is a little different. Normally we  feature a nerdy lady and discuss their nerdy passion. However, for today we are featuring an awesome nerdy lady and a project she started called “Not in the Kitchen Anymore.” I really wanted to feature […]

April 04

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Casey Robin

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Casey Robin By: Meg Humphrey I’m a big fan of art that uses traditional media. Not that I think there’s anything wrong with completely digital art, but there’s just something about paint and pencil that appeals to me so much more! When I saw Casey Robin’s “Mermaids for Every Season” reblogged on […]

March 13

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Brittney Lee

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Brittney Lee By: Meg Humphrey For the past 3 years at Emerald City Comic Con I have sought out Brittney Lee’s table. 2013 will be no exception! I hope she’ll be there! Even in the crowded and bustling expo hall, Brittney’s prints caught my eye and pulled me over to her table! […]

February 04

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Madéleine Flores

Adorable Artist Spotlight: Madéleine Flores By: Meg Humphrey I found out about Miss Madéleine Flores though another fantastic artist, Gingerhaze (an Adorable Artist Spotlight on her later). I especially enjoyed that she recently moved to the PNW so now I can say that not ALL of the awesome web comic artists I follow live in […]

January 25

Nerd Guy of the Month

Meet Michael, an Art Nerd Interview by Terra Olsen You are clearly nerdy for many things, but it seems that art is your true nerdy passion. How did art spark the ‘nerd’ in you?  Unlike my love for, say…cartoons about giant robots, I never had a moment where something set off a love of art. […]