By: Meg Humphrey

Have You Nerd had the incredible honor of receiving the “Most Unique Website Content” award from the inaugural year of the Geekie Awards in 2013. This year, the Geekies are mixing it up and  giving fans the opportunity to vote for their favorites in each category! Here are my picks.


Art: Jackie Huang gets my vote! I had seen her work at conventions as well as on tumblr (when I used to tumblr) and it is always stunning. She does illustration as well as papercraft. Her paper craft is absolutely out of this world! You can check out her Etsy store here.


Fashion: I vote for Sent From Mars everyday! I own the amazing Kirby clutch and not only is it perfectly beautiful, the packing and thank you notes were on point as well! I’ve had a few twitter interactions with her as well and she’s super sweet. Buy all the things from her Etsy store here!


Websites & Blog: Friends of HYN, All Geek to Me secures my vote for 2015. The great girls that run the site are unstoppable when it comes to updates about all things nerdy! They cover a wide range of fandoms so I’m sure there will be something you like over on their site!


Toys & Craft: Nerdache Cakes certainly sets my heart aflutter! Everything in their gallery is amazing – almost too good to eat (almost)! I’m currently thinking of what kind of special occasion is special enough to order some custom sugar cookies! Also, someone get me a Pretty Solider cupcake STAT!


Music Video: I obviously had no choice but to vote for Stormtrooper Twerk. I have a lot of buddies in the 501st and let me tell you, those things are not easy to move around in. Gotta show the respect those dancers deserve! Plus, it’s just down right awesome.
This doesn’t include all of the categories; there are eight more to choose from! You can cast a vote yourself here! Voting ends on August 31st, so be sure to head on over ASAP!